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Tianshu Chen,California lawyer and Chinese lawyer ,practices law in USA in the fields of business law,international trade and investment law,intellectual property law ,immigration law,trust and estates law,and lawsuits in federal courts and California state courts.Tianshu Chen have been a lawyer overseas for more than 14 years,accumulated more experience in thousands of  business and civil and penal lawsuits ,he believes that the justice,fairness and publicity are the core of the law spirit,it is a pleasure to practice law in light of the three principles.During the long period of practicing law,he won appraise and trust of thousands of clients,he feels it both a lucky and a challenge which enforce him to acquire much more knowledge  and do cautious prudent investigation in order to secure provide high quality legal services.

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1.Law Office Of Tianshu Chen plan to set up  strategy cooperation relationship with more than 200 universities 、legal research institutes 、law offices and high equity level corporations.in light of   faith、loyalty、confidence and competence,mutually develop a generous future .

2.Law Office Of Tianshu Chen has been hired as legal counsel by several corporations in the past 30 days.

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In prior probate proceedings plaintiff Norman Bartsch Herterich made a claim to his father Hans Bartsch’s entire estate as an omitted child on the basis that Bartsch either did not believe, or forgot, that he had a child when he executed his will. The probate court granted summary judgment against plaintiff, and concluded that substantial evidence showed that Bartsch was aware of plaintiff’s existence when he executed his will. The Court of Appeal affirmed. Plaintiff then sued defendants Arndt Peltner, the executor, and Alice Brown Traeg, the executor’s attorney, for intentional fraudulent misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, and fraudulent concealment. Plaintiff alleged that defendants deprived plaintiff of the opportunity to object to the probate petition because when defendants initially filed the probate petition they stated under penalty of perjury that the decedent had no children. As a result, plaintiff alleged that he was led to believe that Bartsch (his father) was not aware that he had a son, or had forgotten it, which caused plaintiff to incur significant legal fees in bringing his claim against the estate. Plaintiff alleged damages because the court relied on defendants’ alleged misrepresentations in rendering rulings adverse to plaintiff. The court granted defendants’ motion for summary judgment on the basis that plaintiff had suffered no damages from defendants’ actions because he had no beneficial interest in the estate.

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At Tianshu Chen's law Office, we could give you with advice on immigration law, business laws, and international trade and investment law,intellectual property law, trust and estates law, we will do our best to serve your needs.  


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